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The Shark's Fin - A Judge of Fact

The Shark's Fin - A Judge of Fact

Today we were visited by Ian Billet, who’s the Head Scrutineer for the Volkswagen Cup and VAG Trophy, thanks to this visit we are now the official series regulation dyno for the VW Cup and VAG Trophy and our own Danny Spencer is an official Judge of Fact when it comes down to the power testing of the cars in the cup, of which we are alsp an approved  tuner for. This is exciting times for us especially with race season fast approaching, each week we will see the cars of various teams at Shark HQ, we hope to bring you as much footage of these as we are allowed to!

In other news today we have remapped a Skoda Scout (an Octavia Mk2 with 4wd essentially) to Stage 1 with 170bhp and 420nm, plenty of torque to use with the 4 wd system!

Remap Available Here



Till tomorrow!

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