Volkswagen EA189 Emissions Fix information

Many of our customers have been asked to return their car to Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda to have the EA189 Emission Fix flash update applied to their engine ECU. Most are concerned about losing their remap, or of a detrimental effect to their engine, running, or fuel economy.

We can help

If any of our customers have their Shark Performance remap overwritten by a dealer doing an update, don't worry! It's always free-of-charge for us to reapply it for you.

If you have had the emissions fix applied to your car, either inadvertently, against your will, or knowingly and you'd rather have it reversed, we can also do that for you!

The EA189 Emission fix is NOT mandatory despite any scary letters you may have had through the post. It is referred to as a Technical Measure by Volkswagen and is therefore NOT a recall. You DO NOT have to have it carried out if you don't want to. But if you have, and you'd like it to be reversed, then we can 100% remove the emissions fix software and replace it with the latest, pre-emissions fix version for you.

This process is carried out by reflashing your car's Engine Electronic Control Unit with Volkswagen factory software called an SGO file or an FRF file. SGO files are used for ECUs using the KWP2000 communication protocol or the TP2.0 communication protocol. FRF files are used for later ECUs utilising the UDS protocol. As subscribers to Volkswagen's technical portal, ErWin, we have access to every single available update file available from the Volkswagen Group, including Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Lamborghini and Bentley.

Should I get a remap?

Only if it's right for you! Remapping a car does NOT put the car back to a pre-fix state. The only way to 100% do that is to downgrade, or rollback, the ECU software first. Specific changes can be made in a remap for customers who are unable to access a rollback service from either ourselves or one of our dealers to emulate the pre-fix state, however we strongly believe that it is best to 100% remove the emissions fix software and replace it with an earlier version, prior to remapping. If you are having your car remapped expecting it to resolve the emissions software update problems, then ensure that you ask your tuner exactly how they are doing it and ensure it will be done properly. If you are unsure, ask to see evidence of the Volkswagen part number of your ECU and see if it has changed. This can also be checked with VCDS, Carista, VAG DPF, OBDEleven and many other diagnostic apps.

Which versions do I need?

The emissions fix software revisions start at 9977. Your ECU part number consists of two parts, the actual part number, such as 03L906018AG and the software revisions number which is 4 digits, such as 4644. If your part number is, for example, 03L906018AG 9978 then your car has had the fix applied.

What if I can't get my software rolled back?

Volkswagen sometimes update the part number of the engine ECU in the fix software, which means most tuners can't see which rollback SGO or FRF file to use. We can access ALL of your car's information, by logging in to the Volkswagen system and access your vehicle's build sheet. This way, we can see exactly which ECU part numbers and software versions were installed in your car from build and manually create a rollback specifically for you. We have been working with Volkswagen ECUs for over 10 years and have a high level of expertise in the field, excelling where others may not have the required experience. The main thing is, if you are unsure, ask your tuner, or ask us to help and we'll do our best to do so.