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Shark's Fin - Thursday 02/02/17

Shark's Fin - Thursday 02/02/17

Today has been a fairly busy day in the Shark Tank.


We have had a Ford Kuga in for a DPF removal, the customer had tried several different local garages who had tried and failed to revive the DPF on his Kuga. He was finally recommended a removal and pointed towards us. The car left here behaving like it should and the customer a happy man!

Give us a call today to find out if we can service your DPF. 01623 332233


We have also been repairing a Ford Transit ST with a new turbocharger, gorgeous looking van and should be back to full health with a new turbo snail under the bonnet!

Shark Automotive are our sister company (same location) availible for all your servicing needs!



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