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The Shark's Fin - Hump Day

Hump Day Wednesday

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Sharks Fin, a detailed blog of what the members of Shark Performance get up to!

Today we have had a Skoda Superb II in for remapping, the car had previously been mapped by us but due to a service recall the map had been wiped. We reinstall the software after this (and with proof of purchase) for free!

The map we re-flashed took the car from 170bhp and 350nm to 205bhp and 420nm of torque; the torque is where you really notice the difference in diesel vehicles!

Remap details HERE

A customer also dropped off a Seat Altea which was having DPF issues causing limp mode when driving, as the customer uses the vehicle for long haul we advised the best course of action in his case with the vehicle.

Please give us a call if you think you are experiencing similar issues and we will be happy to consult you.


One of the staff members mother also dropped off her Volvo S40 for a annual service, this was performed and the car was given a Fortron Injector clean, this cleans the engine and injectors and can allow for revived performance and economy! Drop in today and have your car treated to this essential car package.

Till tomorrow!


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