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The Shark's Fin - McFlyday

The Shark's Fin - McFlyday

Entry Friday 20th January 17


Happy Friday to all you lucky people who work Monday to Friday! This morning commenced with a dance around to McFly’s Star Girl (true Chris Moyles style!)

We have been quite busy to day at with smaller jobs for customers.

The other part of the day has been spent fine tuning a map on a customers 5 door Astra SRI Turbo, this things running some pretty impressive equipment and makes all of the right ‘Choo-Choo’ noises from the Turbo, we expect to see around 230bhp once the custom map is finalised!

Its been a glorious day, which has made all of the staff realise that our own cars are absolutely filthy from the weeks commute – think a big cleaning session is on the cards for the weekend. I know my Volvo is no longer that white!!

Also today we have worked on the Dodo Juice Bora that has needed some wiring to the loom and making the forward OBD port work as it should. This fantastic machine should see some track time later in the year with its owners over at Dodo Juice cleaning products; it’ll be an animal when done!

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