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The Shark's Fin - A C30 Kinda Day

The Shark's Fin - A C30 Kinda Day

Captains Log: Thursday 17th January 2017

Today has been a good day all round here at Shark, plenty of cars in for remaps and some old favourties having parts fitted!

A C30 D5 has been successfully mapped with Shark Stage 1 Software, this takes the 5 pot diesel from 180bhp and 350nm to a gracious 215bhp and 450nm. These diesels pull like trains once mapped and can be expanded further up to Stage 2 and 3 software! A great performance diesel with good economy!

Remap information HERE


We also had a VW Polo 1.9pd 130 in for Stage 1 mapping, the remap takes the small and light car from 130bhp 310nm to a nice 170bhp and 400nm, a great power increase for a great price!

Remap information HERE


Another C30 which is currently running our Stage 3 software came in for an updated clutch, the owner opted to go for the competition clutch offered by our good friends over at Sachs - Sachs Race Engineering SRE 717Nm Sintered Performance Clutch kit. This kit will handle all current and future power plans the owner has!

Clutch Options HERE

Finally we had a very special car in for a service and remap - The boss's Mrs' Audi A1 1.6tdi was in for regular work and a remap, these great looking car can achieve a modest increase from 105bhp and 250nm to 135bhp and 295nm. 

Remap Information HERE


All in all a very exciting day lets hope tomorrow brings the same!



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