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Meet The Team

Take a look at Team Shark, and poke fun at our terrible pictures!



Ben Wardle - Owner Tea Boy

Ben first starting working on cars at the age of five on his grandfather's driveway. There was no air filter he couldn't fit, no screw he couldn't undo, and no wheel he couldn't clean. A brief foray into the ownership of crap cars along with the influence of his late, great Uncle Keith pushed him towards Audi at the age of 19 and he has never looked back. Fitting DIS to a 2001 Audi A4 was the first "impossible" project then published on the online forum which started an obsession that eventually turned into what Shark Performance is today. You'll find Ben hiding in the office or in the dyno room, usually glued to a laptop and his phone.

Currently drives: Audi S4 B8


Carl Denny - General Manager

Carl used to work for a franchised Peugeot dealer (but we'll forgive him) and has since seen the light and come to work for a much more professional outfit. Eh hem. Working his way from apprentice to assistant manager in a little under 5 years, he moved to a local tyre depot as manager where he stayed for a number of years, until someone ran him over with his own car (really). The post-recovery Carl needed a change of scenery and Shark became his new home. You'll often hear him singing in the workshop whilst mending cars, generally dodging the tea-making duties and he'll probably answer the phone when you call. Compliment him on his beard for an extra discount, he's been growing it for years.

Currently drives: Fabia vRS


Mark Batty - Workshop officianado and general moral compass

Mark spent 21 years working at Mercedes Benz up to the level of Senior Diagnostic Technician before being shoved in an office and made to do management stuff. Thankfully for us and you, this didn't suit him one little bit and he decided to go back to what he knew and loved; mending things. Mark is the angel to Ben and Carl's devil on our collective shoulders and tries to keep us all on the straight and narrow path when it comes to ideas and projects. Although we did get him to build us a gold 2.0TFSI Fabia estate once, just for fun.

Currently drives: Mercedes 190


Mikko Tuomi - Tuner extraordinaire

Mikko spent his early life dodging Finnish conscription and became the youngest Volvo Parts Master in Scandinavia. His obsession with Volvo cars is honestly obscene and he can still name the part number for an oil filter from a 240 Turbo on demand. He now commutes from South Korea where he lives with his American wife, if there's one thing we are it's multi-cultural! You'll see Mikko at shows or at HQ digging into some dyno work, despite the distance he's still very much a day to day part of what we do at Shark.

Currently drives: Fiat Barchetta


Robert Smith - Builder, driver, advisor and all round good egg

Rob has been part of Shark Performance since the early days, helping out at shows, at the unit, and offering invaluable business advice having run several successful businesses before semi-retiring. Almost everything you see inside our unit was built and designed by Rob and for that we'll be eternally grateful! He now works at Shark on a part-time basis, keeping us all in check, helping with logistics for shows and with the many projects that we undertake at Shark.

Drives: VW Caravelle T6


Danny Spencer - Photography and media

Danny and his 1950s hair have been part of Shark Performance since 2015 after he came to do his first ever car photoshoot at our summer open day. He enjoyed it so much, and we liked his work so much, that he has since done several photoshoots for us and if you see any cool media on our Facebook page, Danny is probably responsible. He runs his own business under the name of Spencer Photography and you should check him our for weddings/christenings/family stuff and his car skills are certainly excellent too. If anyone is thinking of having a shoot done of their car, definitely let us know and we can put Danny in touch with you!

Drives: Vauxhall Astra SRi


Paul Cowland - Public relations guru

Paul and his rented hair know all there is to know about the performance aftermarket trade. If you've read something in a magazine about Shark Performance, or seen us on TV, it's probably Paul's fault. He cooks up our crazy schemes, organises our shows, and tells us what's a good idea and what's not. He has the gravitational pull of a small moon due to his sheer jaw dropping tallness and can be described as an "obstacle" on our regular team-building karting escapades. Paul is one of those people that genuinely lights up a room when he walks in thanks to the massive amount of charisma that he effortlessly oozes.

Drives: Literally everything

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