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Shark Performance is a revolutionary tuning company, for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

Established in 2009, Shark Performance has evolved to become one of the best respected Volkswagen Group tuning companies worldwide. We cater for road, track and race cars at our HQ in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and have dealers across the UK, Europe, Asia and USA.

Our speciality is cars from the Volkswagen Group and Volvo Cars. Starting with Bosch ME7 1.8T, 2.7T and 4.2T, and EDC15 1.9TDI and 2.5TDI, we have progressed through MED9 and EDC16 to MED17/EDC17 and the latest Siemens SIMOS ECUs. Volvo EDC15, EDC16, EDC17 and ME7, ME9 and MED17 are also catered for with a high level of expertise.

We are renowned for our smooth, progressive calibration style giving great driveability and excellent power delivery, in a package that won't leave you frustrated with low speed aggressiveness or on/off motorway cruising behaviour. Our maps are chosen by race teams and their drivers because we deliver an excellent driving experience and race winning results. 


We use Shark Performance for our race car tuning because their software is smooth, consistent and that’s what wins races
— Mally Witts - Maximum Motorsport
I have had four VW Transporters tuned with excellent results, and will bring every single one I sell from now on!
— Paul, Transported

Technical Partners

Shark Performance are proud to work with our range of Technical Partners. Developing the best tuning packages requires huge amounts of research and development and so choosing the best hardware to complement our software is important to us. Using the recommended hardware will ensure you get the best from our software, and we offer a range of carefully selected chassis tuning options to further enhance your driving experience.