The Heartbreaker - Bapro 1200bhp 4wd chassis dynamometer


At Shark Performance HQ we have a state of the art Bapro 4 wheel drive chassis dynamometer, which enables us to power test cars up to 1200bhp with unrivalled accuracy and flexibility.


Thanks to a super-quick 10Hz sample rate and 250kg per unit roller weight coupled with two huge eddy current brake units, we can assess and scrutinise your cars performance at 10rpm increments. The dyno has inputs for lambda and boost which the software can plot onto the graph with the same 10Hz accuracy. 


We now offer real-time full HD video recording of your dyno runs as it happens! For customers taking advantage of our remapping service, we record both sets of runs and edit the video to show the before and after runs, something which you can hold onto and show your friends, or prove your figures. You'll be pleased to know that the terrible music is optional!


We can cater for single car bookings, be it a race car, track car or every day road car, but we're equally at home running dyno days for clubs and forums. If you'd like to discuss discounts for group bookings on a dyno day, please drop us a line at with your details. We usually hold dyno days on a Sunday and we can offer on site BBQ, drinks and snacks to make your club day an enjoyable and comfortable one!