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Shark Performance - Self Tuning System

Take control of your tuning with the Shark Performance Self Tuning System.

The Self Tuning System is a useful handheld device designed to give you control of your tuning. The STS allows you to switch between your standard and modified ECU map in minutes, and thanks to the intuitive user interface it is simple to use. Also included with the STS unit is an immobiliser function which will disable the engine altogether, meaning the engine will not run even with the keys!

Our new touchscreen STS-II is now available! With all the same features as the original STS and a whole lot more, the STS-II gives us much more scope to tune newer vehicles. Check the availability for your car here


Why would the STS be good for you?

The STS caters for an extremely wide range of vehicles, for vehicle compatibility please click here to find your vehicle and buy online. Order yours NOW by calling 01623 332233 or choosing your vehicle from the menus above

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