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The Shark's Fin - Wednesday Update!

The Shark's Fin - Wednesday Update!

Shark Performance blog.


We’ve had a fairly busy couple of days, Monday was by far one of the busiest remapping days we’ve had this year.

First off on Monday we had a customer come in who’s Skoda Superb had been back to Skoda for the emissions recall. With this recall our map had been completely wiped. Customer provided us with proof of purchase for the map and it was reinstalled completely free of charge. Please get in touch if your car is facing the dreaded recall to book in for re-remapping!

Details for Original Map HERE


Skoda Octavia VRS 2012 remap

Next in on Monday was a Skoda Octavia VRS 2012 for a stage 1 remap, the customer wanted a little more power and economy out of their car, and our stage one map was the perfect answer. Bringing the car back to life again with 205bhp and 420nm.

Details here


Audi A4 3.0tdi stage 1

Next in we had an Audi A4 3.0TDi DSG, these powerful diesels really benefit from remapping and they sound great to boot! Customer arrived with 240bhp and 500nm of torque and left with 280bhp and 570nm – as well as our ever-famous Shark Power Curve!

Details HERE


Audi TT 2.0Tdi stage 1

Another Audi to add to Monday’s collection was a 2.0TDi TT in for our stage one software. The convertible left here with 205bhp and 420nm, the wind will definitely be flying through the hair of the customer!

Details HERE


Map update 2.0TFSI stage 1 after having Milltek.

Finally on Monday we had an A4 in for a full Milltek exhaust, the customer opted for the new Black GT100 tips with the system. The car had already got our Stage 1 Software on so it was just a simple case of updating the software to accept the new exhaust and putting it on the dyno to here the new noises!

Please email us for a quote on a Milltek for your car!



We had a dyno appointment in for Tuesday morning, a customer had bought a car remapped by the previous owner and wanted to double-check the figures. Dyno services are available from £50 for 2WD cars and £80 for 4WD cars. Group bookings can get discount and we love having car clubs over for dyno days! Get it touch to book yours!

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