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Shark Performance partner with Gluon

Shark Performance partner with Gluon
06 September 2017

New Information For Immediate Release

UK tuning house Shark Performance have partnered with Silicon Valley automotive technology firm Gluon Solutions.

Gluon Solutions have engineered a new tuning, diagnostics, monitoring and fleet management dashboard system enabling Shark Performance to expand their capability and reach, particularly in the remote diagnostics and tuning arena.

Shark Performance Managing Director, Ben Wardle, said "Working with Gluon will enable us to upgrade our delivery method to suit more overseas customers and provide real-time diagnostics to every customer. It will revolutionise our dealer network and give our customers an much enhanced tuning experience."

All Shark Performance dealers will soon be using the new technology to tune their core market Volkswagen Group cars along with Volvo P1 and P2 chassis cars.

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